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Written by a Yanomami shaman and a French anthropologist united by more than 30 years of friendship (as well as a shared passion for both Yanomami culture and philosophy, and spiritual ecology), this beautifully crafted book gets its title...

Covid 19: The Immunity Revolution we need

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| Education

This conceptual article presents the Head, Heart and Hands Model for Transformational Learning. The model was conceptualized from a synthesis of...

On that day in 1999, Michael Mudd, vice president of Kraft, did “the unthinkable” during his speech — he drew a connection between processed foods and...

This is a story of transformation showing us how villages came together in a growing movement to green a barren mountain in West Bengal. Read on to...

We are living in times of escalating health, climate and social crises. In response, many of us are trying to learn how to work and live as better earth citizens.

Share Eco-Wisdom is a resource hub for organisations, learning spaces, educators, facilitators, parents, students and individuals keen on infusing sustainable principles into their daily lives. It offers carefully curated videos, articles and more on the most urgent issues we face today.


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